Knjiga Na tesnobi (On Anxiety) na Amazonu!

Dragi moji, od sedaj naprej lahko elektronsko različico knjige Na tesnobi v angleškem jeziku kupite tudi na Amazonu. Spodaj kratek opis v angleščini.

Dear, from now on book On anxiety also available on Amazon, Kindle. 🙂

On Anxiety is a book about our everyday lives. A single mom and a journalist in a constant race against time. It is a story about a woman who worked too hard, who got lost because she wanted to be perfect. Constantly struggling with deadlines, she finally came to the point where she could not take it anymore. Suddenly, after she broke up with a father of her child, she found herself in a difficult position – not being aware of that at all. Complete burnout and two good friends – Anxiety and Panic – engulfed her life. In her book, she gives a very lively, candid and straightforward description of her confrontation with reality, herself, and how she slowly but surely fought her way out of this predicament. With finding her own true self and beginning to love herself, she finally realized that only her own path was good enough for her to live a good life. Her book is written realistically and positively and has as such already helped thousands of people in her native Slovenia, where it became a huge bestseller. It is inspiring and proves that it is possible to get rid of anxiety, panic attacks and chronic stress without pills by ‘simply’ loving ourselves. As an additional inspiration, the book is interspersed with ten short personal accounts which showcase ten very different people’s approach and strategy to tackle their own anxiety issues.

If you feel anxious and suffer from panic attacks, it is a warning from your body. A gift which you must use to start treating yourself properly. Listen to your body; it is telling you that the path you have chosen is not the right one. Don’t run away from your anxiety because you will only make it worse, it will become enormous and terrible – in short, unbearable. Accept it and fearlessly invite it to join you. Once you have accepted it, it will become your friend.

And after that, your life will never be the same again. It will become much better. Turn your anxiety into inspiration to begin truly living – living the way you want to, on your own terms, and not the way others want you to.
Good luck!





Good luck, Habibti. 🙂


Damjana Bakarič


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